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Marketing Strategy  

When the time is right to build a marketing plan, or to pull together the pieces of your current plan, MJ Communication understands how to analyze your market and place your message in front of your customers.


Social Media    

 The list of possibilities is endless and the day-to-day task to keep your Social Media in the fore front is more important today than ever before. MJ Communication will craft your message in a way that is relevant, consistent and assures your brand is on-point with your customers.


Public Relations     

You are an award winning, innovative company and it’s time to let your customers, and the public know, about the positive work you are doing. On the other hand, you’ve made a mistake and you want to minimize the damage.  MJ Communication will help guide you through murky waters of public relations.

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Client Outreach

 If you need that extra spark to help grow a rock-solid relationship with your customers, MJ Communication knows what it takes to build a successful email campaign or create a productive blog - or do it the old fashion way- communicate face-to-face with your clients.   

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Event Coordination

Planning a client event or party, producing promotional materials and organizing trade booths takes time...  time that takes you away from what you do best. MJ Communication has the resources to help pull all the details together so you can keep your business moving forward.